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Over three decades ago a textile engineer wanted to break away from the monotony of routine textiles. A deep love for fabrics and their versatility, the possibilities of blending textures, techniques, and colors, and an artistic turn of mind led to the creation of a studio that designed exclusive fabrics for elegant people.

About 14 years back the company inducted his son, also a textile engineer who has taken the legacy forward. The fresh talent gave a further impetus to the variety and standard of the products. And the momentum continues…

We understand the business of being unique

Today, Sequins & Beads makes fashion and home textiles for niche clientele across the world. With dedicated design and production facilities that ensure excellent quality and timely delivery.

Our philosophy is woven around the dream to adorn people and their homes in brilliant hues, fabulous textures, and the most beautiful designs. Fine details define individual tastes, and a little flair of creativity goes beyond trends to reveal the unique.